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Casa della Musica offers the possibility of collaborating with a range of artists from different musical backgrounds, available for live performances, lessons and recordings.



A modular ensemble of contemporary music, collettivo_21 is composed of various musicians with experience in instrumental chamber music and for large ensembles, audiovisual and recording. For more information on the ensemble’s staff and activities, please visit the website.


Composer, producer and sound designer. Always interested in the influences between pop and art electronic music, in the manipulation of sound and its relationship with space, he deals with projects in different fields. Recently: the music and sound design for the installations of the exhibition “Catch it! Got it!” by the artist Jessica Rimondi at the Space Station Gallery in London; the music for the show The Last Tape by Krapp from the work of Samuel Beckett, in collaboration with the composer Pietro Dossena; the song Sub-Human composed for three subwoofers, which was played for the first time this year at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto.